The Importance Of Dog Lovers

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“ A dog is man’s best friend, ” this is a common saying, and it may contain some truth, but dogs may not stay the only animal friend of people. For many people, a dog will stay their bestfriend, or pet. Dog lovers may believe that dogs make an excellent house pet, or friend as they may stay good companions. Sometimes dogs can be hard to take care of. Dogs may stay the most active living beings in a house. Dogs have improved people 's lives by helping them, loving them, and interacting with them.
First, I have seen many people that have improved their lives by dogs helping them. I have seen dogs that will help guard the persons stuff while they go out and do something. Dogs also help people by making new friends, and not let anyone feel lonely. I have seen that they play with people, and they will not stay alone or bored. This states that when the person goes out with their, and the people who like dogs can become their friend, and they would not be lonely. I have observed that people should have a dog if they are lonely, and they will help them make more friends.
Secondly, people have improved their lives by loving dogs and giving them your time. In the novel “ My Life In Dog Years” by Gary Paulsen he mentioned that, “ I make no excuses for unabashedly loving them - all of them, even some have bitten me.”(Paulsen,p.3) Gary Paulsen had many dogs in his life, and had loved them all and has written many novels about them. Including “My Life In Dog Years” to. Gary had a dog

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