Dog Is Man's Best Friend

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“ A dog is man’s best friend, ” this is a common saying, and it may contain some truth, but dogs may not stay the only animal friend of people. For many people, a dog will stay their bestfriend, or pet. Dog lovers may believe that dogs make an excellent house pet, or friend as they may stay good companions. Sometimes dogs can be hard to take care of. Dogs may stay the most active living beings in a house. Dogs have improved people 's lives by helping them, loving them, and interacting with them.
First, I have seen many people that have improved their lives by dogs helping them. I have seen dogs that will help guard the persons stuff while they go out and do something. Dogs also help people by making new friends, and not let anyone feel lonely.
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In this article “ Dream Jobs: Animal Adoption Agent” by Jill Insley mentions that, “Staffies are muscular dogs with strong jaws, but they are most loving, people oriented breed. They make great family dogs, she says. They used to be known as nanny dogs because They are so good with children.” (Jill, Insley. “Dream Jobs: Animal Adoption Agent.” The Guardian , 31 Oct. 2016, p.1) This tells that Staffie dogs may have something special, and family dogs that treat people nicely that may tell why they may have switched their name from Staffies dogs to nanny dogs. For dogs other people have to interact with them, and they have to stay calm they stated that, “ You have to have good communication skills and must stay calm.” (Jill, Insley. “Dream Jobs: Animal Adoption Agent.” The Guardian , 31 Oct. 2016, p.2) This tells us that people should know how to communicate with dogs, and especially stay calm.This states that interacting or communicating with dogs will make the person more interactive to other people, and…show more content…
Peoples have started to interact with dogs alot in their daily lives. They help peoples by many different ways, two of the ways may stay by guarding their houses and by making friends. They are kind and loving to people, and they have improved many peoples lives like in the novel “ My Life In Dog Years” Gary Paulsen had many dogs, and loved them all. Interacting with communicating with them may stay the most fun part. Dogs may stay helpful, loving, and interactive. A dog is man’s best friend, but that is sometimes true only. This matters because dogs can make other people more independent. This whole thing about dogs tell me that they may stay the most interesting to talk about. Dogs and cats both are best domestic animals, but dogs are more

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