Essay On Dog Occupation

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Introduction Occupation is an important part of the human experience. Townsend and Polatajko (2007) define occupations as activities and tasks we do each day that give us value and meaning. Hammell (2004) found that for quality of life there needs to be engagement in occupations that are personally meaningful to the individual. This essay will cover the following areas. Firstly an introduction to my chosen occupation of dog agility. This essay will then look at our group developed framework ‘The Model of Occupational Progression. Next it will look at what the value and meaning dog agility gave to me during the learning process. Furthermore it will see what potential dog agility has within the Halberg disability foundation a service in New…show more content…
Top physically able dog agility athletics are able to reduce their own movement in the ring with a combination of excellent dog training and precise course planning. The same can be done for beginner dog agility enthustics with a physical disability. As I have seen with my own clubs participates, the dogs are trained to complete an obstacle or a combination of obstacles then stop and wait for the handler to either catch up or be in the right position to give the dog further instructions. As training progresses the dog can become more independent with the handler giving directions from a greater distance. There are a number of videos available on this Internet such as the one on my blog, which shows the level of participation an individual can have in a sport such as dog agility (See appendix A). An individual can gain an immense amount of satisfaction from the completion of an agility group. It is the combination of all the factors discusses in our framework that lead to an individual achieving success. Dog agility is another sport that needs to be opened up to allow individuals of all abilities to
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