The Importance Of Dog Occupation

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Introduction Occupation is an important part of the human experience. Townsend and Polatajko (2007) define occupations as activities and tasks we do each day that give us value and meaning. Hammell (2004) found that for quality of life there needs to be engagement in occupations that are personally meaningful to the individual. This essay will cover the following areas. Firstly an introduction to my chosen occupation of dog agility. This essay will then look at our group developed framework ‘The Model of Occupational Progression. Next it will look at what the value and meaning dog agility gave to me during the learning process. Furthermore it will see what potential dog agility has within the Halberg disability foundation a service in New Zealand that helps individuals participate in occupations. Lastly I will compare what value dog agility had to me and what it may have to others. Outline My choose learnt occupation was dog agility which involves directing the dog to complete an obstacle course comprising of 10-20 obstacles such as jumps, tunnels, A-frame, dog walk, weave poles and a see-saw. Training is done once a week at the local agility club, Waikato agility group (WAG) located in Melville Hamilton. WAG has 40 members and we train based on the school semester and run all year. People are involved in this club and the sport because of a love of dogs. Dog agility competitions take place around New Zealand on weekends. I travelled a max of 1.5 hours to a

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