Domestic Violence Case Study In Nursing

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Domestic violence

When we hear the word domestic violence, first thing will come up to our minds is the physical harm, as we start looking for the physical marks on the victim 's body. In a quantitative study that had been made in 10 countries in which 19% to 55% women reported that they suffered from both sexual and physical abuse by their partner 's(Ellsberg et al., 2008). The violence is not just physical, there is so many different types of violence; physical, psychological, verbal, emotional, or even economical abuse. Domestic violence as a definition is an abuse or harm within any intimated individuals, either physically, emotionally or even verbal abuse, in some cases the abuser may tend to humiliate the victim, horror, separate and …show more content…

Main three questions I 'm looking to discuss, first question is what are the tools that can help nurses in dealing with violence at a work place, second; What are the actions nurses should take into consideration to help the victims of domestic violence, and third; What are the contributing factors that prevent nurses from managing domestic violence cases. The numbers of reported cases of domestic violence are in increase, in addition to incidents about how nurses are missing reporting these cases when ever they deal with a patient who stepped to their working area with signs of violence, many nurses are worried on how to deal with these victims, another reason is that either they don 't have a clear policy, or there is no previous training on how to identify a victim of violence, on top of that the way of helping them through the process of reporting. It 's important to set the working tools in our profession as nurses, a question been asked in a group discussion of what are the tools needed for the nurses professional practice, one of the group members mentioned based on an article that the polices are highly recommended to establish the practice on the right path (Annmarie Papa et al., 2013). Another group member added a point that education is essential, to secure the documentation, management and assess the domestic violence victims (McClure. B, 2006). A cross sectional study was made in Slovenia, with three hundred and twenty-two health professional were involved with the study, to assess the health care worker attitude towards domestic violence victims, the result was that the attitude toward these victims is negative comparing to the action taking to deal with high violence victims encounters, leading

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