The Importance Of Donating The ASPCA

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Did you know that 2.7 million cats and dogs are put down. Because bad people are doing this to animals. The way to stop this from happening once and for all is by donating to the ASPCA. So, that they don 't die and they deserve a home for those animals. That stands for American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We should start to donate the ASPCA because it is the best animal charity.

The ASPCA was created on April 10 1866 in New York City by Henry Bergh. He was inspired by the RSPCA( the Royal Society of Prevention for the Cruelty to Animals. Henry Bergh was a philanthropist which is the same thing as a sponsor. Nine days after he made the ASPCA the legislature to pass the law for prevention of cruelty to animals. That is the history of ASPCA now I want to to tell you all about how it is the best. For one thing it is a non profit corporation, which means they don’t keep the money, they give it to animal shelters that need it. Another thing is that they spend 4.9 million dollars are spent for animal shelters and only 4% of that money is from a 129 million dollar budget. Choose the ASPCA and you could get a shirt with the ASPCA logo and a picture of an
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This quote is ASPCA’s mission for animals. The ASPCA is best animal charity and most deserving in the United States because these animals are in need of being rescued. It is important because if we don’t, then we could lose some animal population and animals that have the ability to have a pet. Animals can be our best friend, they won’t be mean and roll their eyes, they will respect and love us if you treat them appropriately. They can be trained to help you, like a police dog and military dog can protect us and a special dog for people with disabilities. If we donate to the ASPCA, then you can adopt our own pet from the animal shelters. This is why we should donate to the
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