Doping Should Not Be Allowed In Sports Essay

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The sport has become part of daily life of a person if the passion is stronger than just a simple dream it can be transformed from a hobby to a profession. The incredible part of sports is that no matter which type of sport it is or the varieties of techniques, at the end there is a midpoint which represents union and the connection with your mind and body; it inspires and trills society. Unfortunately, the obsession to have victory can forget completely honesty and integrity; when athletes want to have more physical capacity than the natural one they have they go to the drug to have an over human capacity. Likewise, doping consist in using illegal or prohibited substances in sports to have a better athletic performance. According to ProCon Organization (2011), more…show more content…
Behind the prices and economic benefits of sports competitions, it exists the spirit and enthusiasm of sport, the good sense of competitiveness. Actually what moves masses and joins people in stadiums during the Olympics is the passion and the essence of the liberty and victory of sports. As reported by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (2000), half of all recently surveyed Olympic athletes admitted that they would be willing to take a drug, no matter if that would kill them, as long as it would allow them to win an event that only happen five years in a row. This type of mentality to “win at any cost” makes athletes to consider illegal substances a tentative option. Nowadays politics and all the environment that surround humanity is destroyed by dishonesty and corruption, it is a deception to involve sports in a corrupted system with drugs when it is supposed to base in integrity and union. In fact, using drugs in sports is cheating and an unfair advantage, the obsession of competitiveness until getting to the most extreme point, it is not playing in legal terms and
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