The Importance Of Drama In High School

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High school, it 's a lot it can be too much, but with all the drama, dont ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything - unknow
This quote reflects my high school journey because it’s true high school is a lot, sometimes too much but if you just block out all the unnecessary drama then you just my get by with all the crazy drama in high school you know what they say what is high school without a little drama . At times schooling drama does get in the way of your education it might ever make you think twice about what you 're really doing at school it might confuse. With all that kinda drama don 't ever let anyone tell you that you can 't do anything because if you put your mind to it you could do really do anything you want to achieve isn 't the point of going to school to have the opportunity to do anything and everything we ever dreamt of.
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The trend that I see in my transcript is that I am getting more classes that have to do with what I want to be when I graduate high school. Another trend I see is that I am getting more elective classes which to me means that at least it does to me is that am getting all my credits for all my classes. This year the classes that seem easy and I understand quite well are English, history, chemistry, and of course my core class. Those are the easiest classes, in all honesty, I think these classes are easy because I stay after school if I don 't understand the lesson for that day or the homework .My hardest classes and the one that I have been struggling with the most is math. I just don 't seem to get the material no matter how hard I practice, I even stay after school for the homework and sometimes I do understand it this just means that I have to work a little harder than others to understand the lesson , homework , the lesson for math . Also no my trends do not correlate with any or important events in my

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