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Around 2.5 million years ago, the first humans began to appear. They were more sophisticated and developed than that of the great ape family. Since this evolution, both our ancestors and modern humans have felt a yearning to share personal stories. In the preface of The Storytelling Animal, Jonathan Gottschall touches on this subject by contradicting that if monkeys were left in a room with a computer they would eventually write Hamlet word for word. The human mind is obsessed with stories and the imaginative realm that it is connected to. From the early age of five years old until the day we die, we thirst to tell stories that carry purpose, meaning, and relevance to our existence. Gottschall provides convincing evidence of dreaming and emotion as an important way to tell stories and the rhetorical approach makes it very understandable for the reader.
Dreaming is a powerful way to tell stories, as it is the way I tell the majority of my stories. When I dream, it is nothing like I have experienced when I am conscious. Dreams are constructed around ideas and beliefs that I have an interest in. The dreams tend to shape us into who we are as a person. Dreaming is when one is completely in a different realm. This realm, called Neverland, is an
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When I was asleep I had a dream about being at the beach with my friends and we were all surfing and having a good time. I noticed behind the waves that were crashing, there was a big wave coming into shore. I wanted to catch the wave badly as it was the biggest one of the day. I started paddling on my boarding, then suddenly I felt the momentum of the wave carry me. I stood up on my board and pulled into the barrel, then suddenly I woke up. As I woke up I felt a rush of adrenaline and excitement as I didn 't know if I was going to make it out of the wave or note. It was a story I told my friends the next day at the

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