The Importance Of Drinking Water In Michigan

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Did you know that “The great lake provides over 40 million people with fresh water for drinking” (Michigan environmental council, 2015). Fresh water all around Michigan is a main Source for Michigan and surrounding areas for drinking water. Drinking Water that comes out of the tap is bad for the human population. In the Drinking water there is so many added pollutants that have adverse effect on the society. The water itself can cause birth defects and cancer. There should be a set of strict regulations that everyone has to fallow of rules that provide repercussions if those regulations are broken. The regulations on the chemicals added to the drinking water to improve drinking water’s quality is adding a hidden danger. These regulations would…show more content…
Too much chemicals in the water like lead, sulfur, chloride and fluoride can cause birth defects, cancer, Flu like symptoms. The chemicals in the water are supposed to provide a level of sanitation to the water. The issue with this though is that the chemicals added cannot be taken out of the water people drink. Every community has a water sample chart for what goes into their water. This was create by the federal government to provide the population with info about what is in the water. This Act 399 provides this information as public knowledge. “Act 399 of 1976 states that it provides supervision of the water system and privately owned water supplies to ensure safety of the water people drink. (Legislative council, State of Michigan. (2004) The Drinking water is unsatisfactory to human consumption because the inadequate maintenance and chemicals added have an adverse effect. The chemicals also lead to health problems, and illness. In Michigan there are many cities, each one of those cities no matter how small or large they are each has an annual water report. This annual report tells you how the water source is being cleaned, how polluted it is, If there is any boiling effects, or witch cities have…show more content…
Although no human can live without water, we can change the way that the water is filtered and constant maintenance will better insure clean water. With the pollution there needs to be a chart of levels acceptable to human consumption 's, and better pro-action in maintaining pipes and filtration systems all the way to the tap not just letting the water leave the filtration plant and letting what every happened happen. In conclusion to Water is unsatisfactory to the human population is because the water can make a human being ill, get cancer, have birth defects, and the damage to the water cannot be reversed. The structures that the water travels need to be better upheld and maintained so less contaminants make it into the drinking water. Drinking water will be improved if there is a chart for how much the water can be purified with the amount of chemicals and how much to be added to make it healthier for human consumption 's. When you take steps to be proactive about maintenance it could help with the pollution making its way into the water
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