Argumentative Essay On Driverless Cars

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Many people don’t trust driverless cars for many reasons but the ones that stood out to me the most were on how driverless cars can decrease the amount of job opportunities and how can driverless cars communicate if they’re from different companies. For example, one source listed all the transportation services that can be replaced and greatly affected by driverless cars (Lessmand and Lewis 1). But it’s still not a good reason on why you shouldn 't use driverless cars. Driverless cars do more than replace they save. They save lots of lives and prevent many traffic fatalities. They bring joy to the elder and disabled community by giving them their freedom. Another source says that driverless cars can be too much, there 's way too many complications like how can driverless cars communicate and make their pathways if they’re…show more content…
Lives are at risk when there’s distractions but roads will be safer with driverless cars. Over 1000 citizens pass away each year due to car accidents and over 100,000 get hurt. Almost all of these are caused by distractions and not driving at the right speed limit, but with driverless cars this can be changed (Nunes 1). As I stated before, driverless cars are equipped with many sensors that prevent traffic fatalities. Unlike many of us, driverless cars have no distractions which are the leading cause of accidents. Aside from that, driving too slow or too fast also causes these accidents. Writers Lessman and Lewis state “McKinney&CO. predicts that self-driving cars could reduce crash rates up to 90 percent. This means less money spent by individuals on car repairs, maintenance, and health bills related to auto accidents”(Lessman and Lewis 1). Imagine how much money and lives driverless cars can save. Over time, the numbers accumulate and you 'll see a huge difference in the crash rates and amount of money

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