The Importance Of Drought In California

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I agree that, we should conserve our water to the highest point in which we could. I believe that because the drought in California is a huge problem and people are not taking it as serious as is actually is. We should conserve more of our water because it is the most important resource we need to survive. I don't mean we cannot take showers but we should try to cut down the time we are in a shower to about 5 minutes.

I also believe that bottled water is not necessary either. I think it's not necessary because it takes up a lot of our country's money while tap water is just as fine and also that we just don't need it at all. Bottle water is cleaner but tap water has some vitamins in it, which some people don't take a lot and is needed for the body.
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I believe that because even though it is using up a lot of our water, it gives us food and resources which help us in our daily lives. We can cut back a little on the water given towards the almond trees but that is about it. It just has to start with us using less water and then sooner or later we will not be in a drought.
Overall, I agree with the author about most of his points and i extremely agree witht eh parts on how we can conserve the water because it is up to us to be kept out of total

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