The Importance Of Drug Testing In Schools

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Student drug testing has been implemented in many schools in America and slowly continues to affect more and more children. The idea seems effective; however, various studies show otherwise. In order to stop the epidemic of drug abuse amongst students, there needs to be new and improved ways of doing so. Drug testing has not been effective and causes underlying issues that need to be addressed. These tests are invasive, expensive, and counterproductive. If schools began to use the funds for more useful and practical activities such as education programs for students, parents, and teachers it could make an immense difference. This topic is important due to the cruciality of this issue in the school systems today. Student drug abuse is frightening and increases the possibility of addiction along with incarceration. Not enforcing drug tests does not mean that schools should allow drug use, but rather learn unique tactics to aid in the progression to end it correctly.
Being a recent high school graduate, I have seen the debilitating outcomes of young adult 's self-destructive actions pertaining to drug abuse. Therefore, I believe my knowledge on the topic and ideas to fix it is justified. While doing an array of other projects on the misuse of drugs, I have learned that statistics show that students do not decrease their drug usage because of screenings. They simply begin to feel targeted and that they are guilty before proven innocent. With that being said, students become
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