The Importance Of Drug Testing In Sports

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1. I do believe that sporting events contribute to unifying a nation. The nature of sport is to bring different people , from different backgrounds together to compete on a fair playing-field. When those individuals are chosen to compete as representatives of their country , one often notices a loyalty to or a pride by fans not seen in any other area of patriotism. Because the individual competitors themselves are so very different, the fans and supporters can unite despite their own many differences because they have the particular sport being played as a common basis on which to connect and overcome their differences. This creates a unity among a nation rarely seen elsewhere in society.

2.1 A. Rugby World Cup 1995 B. Soccer World Cup 2010 C. Summer Olympics 2012

2.2. A. The Rugby World Cup in
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In order for any sports event to have a fair result , participants need to participate on an equal footing. This is a basic and accepted principal of sport. Therefore drug testing at sports events must be allowed in order to ensure fair play. By participating in any event, competitors tacitly agree to have their rights to privacy and other rights infringed to ensure the fairness and equality of the competition.

2.2 Yes, I do think drug testing is justified at school level. For the reasons stated above, I believe that athletes of all levels, should not have any unfair advantage as result of performance enhancing drugs. It makes no difference whether the athletes are professional or school going. Drug testing is justified at sports events at school to ensure that no student has any unfair advantage over another as this would undermine the entire purpose of competing in sport. This is obviously in addition to the health dangers to children posed by performance enhancing drugs and which I believe also justify drug testing at school
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