The Importance Of Drugs In Sonny's Blues

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"Sonny's Blues" is the story of a youthful jazz artist named Sonny from Harlem, NY who gets dependent on heroin, is captured for using and offering medications, and comes back to his adolescence neighborhood after his discharge from jail. At the point when Sonny is in high school he turns to drugs in light of the fact that he feels caught in Harlem, caught in school, and caught by what he should so face what he needs to do. He's attempting to discover his way with the world, not exactly a grown up but not a child any longer. Drugs are a major part of the story, but on the other hand it's about family, music, and attempting to conquer life's battles. In this story it analyzes a great deal of reasons, not minimum of which is that it concentrates…show more content…
He knows he has loyalty to Sonny, yet it takes him a while to get over his suspicion and give himself to offering Sonny his support, He’s upset that Sonny has picked a life that is not the same as his own, and doesn’t understand his brother and his views, they both don’t see eye to eye. He accuses the music for driving Sonny to heroin, and he tells Sonny how furious he is that Sonny appears to end his life by being someone who is addicted to the wrong things. Sonny gets upset that his brother is failing to reach out to him after his capture, for not accepting that individuals have typical methods for managing things, and for not understanding that being an artist isn't what altered Sonny into being a drug addict. Towards the ending of the story the narrator ends up seeing his brother play piano at a nightclub and it appears that he at last recognizes how gifted his brother is. However, most importantly, he additionally appears to see that music is a piece of Sonny. It's something he needs to have in his life with a specific end goal to work. As a signal of this new
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