The Importance Of Drunk Driving In South Africa

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Good morning and welcome to the 7am daily news reports. This is the place where a lot is said but unfortunately nothing is done. I am Tanna Collet and I will be your reporter for this morning. In our headlines today, we have the story the tragic accident that kills a mother’s miracle child. Gauteng Mother, Precious Matsmello, who tried for years to have a baby was hit with a new trauma when a drunk driver crashed into their informal settlement, killing 3 children, including her six-year-old-son, and leaving a forth child suffering with head injuries. The driver was then beaten to death by a mob of furious community members. Drunk driving a very prominent problem that teenagers and young adults tend to neglect in South Africa and worldwide on a daily basis. According to statistics South Africa has the most drunk-driving related deaths than anywhere else in the world, with a 26.6% chance of dying on the roads. I have chosen to report on this shameful issue in order to raise awareness and educate those listening about the significance of drunk driving and the consequences South Africans face everyday. In todays society the youth like to see themselves as a lot more mature than they are. They convince…show more content…
Alcohol interferes with the brains communication pathways and causes disruptions. In particular, it makes it harder for one to think clearly and move with coordination. Evidently one is should not drive under the influence of alcohol because consumption causes impaired reflexes and perception and will distort one’s direction and ability to drive with care on the roads. Many factors have led to this becoming a large social issue such the lack of education about the real dangers and consequences of drunk driving, peer pressure and being told that “one drink will do no harm”, as well as the fact that once a person begins to drink they lose control over their actions, and their perception of reality becomes

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