The Rules In Ayn Rand's Anthem

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In the book Anthem by Ayn Rand takes place in the future at an unspecified date and place. The humans in Anthem live in a dystopian society where the word I is erased entirely. The current government they live under has a number of rules and regulations that if broken can get you killed in many ways. However why do these rules exist, What is their purpose and does the society that Equality envisions created at the end of the story would include any of these rules and controls? The rules in Anthem include the word I being destroyed and erased from history being replace by us and we. Anyone who says I will be killed. The government was made with good intentions but eventually it was corrupted. The government originally wanted everyone to be completely equal means that they took the will of the people. Other rules include men not being allowed to be alone, two people not being allowed to be alone, Men and women not being able to speak with each other on a personal level, You can’t have any friends The word ego is the most important word, Writing stuff is not allowed unless the consul allows it and everything that is not listed is forbidden. So…show more content…
He brings electricity and caused his small society to grow most likely in the future will have conflicts with the concial. People will flee to his side because of the fact he has less rules than the council and their not as bad in their eyes being that he is not viewed as the Evil Ones.In the end He will have enough rules to keep order but gives actual freedom wich will show more equality and liberty. He won’t have the rules about love and friendship as you can have them. You can also have a family along with being able to choose your profession. He eliminates the word we showing that he was different and how he was influenced by the The Saint of the Pyre with legalizing the word I. Not even half of their rules exist
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