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About my Interest:
My father is a cosmetic seller, he has a cosmetic shop in the central market of the city we simply call it “BAZAR”. During high school I was helping my father by going there few hours a day as a part time job. I started to like his job, and that is how I found that business administration can help me to expand my father’s business which could be my own business in future! . In 2009 I have had admitted to the top university of my country which is university of Tehran in field of business administration (marketing). After that I tried to use whatever I had learned to help my father; to be honest it was extremely effective and since that I started to love business administration more than before (maybe it sound stupid but I could never have chosen a better field than business administration).
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Social commerce has a rising trend since 2005; practically, recent years. This social features have been studied but not thoroughly. One of main challenges for today’s e-businesses is how to bring social media features to their online stores.
2. The process of engaging customers in marketing, product design, E-WOM, etc. via e-commerce, is another interesting field for research. I like to investigate more to propose a comprehensive model for this.
3. Evolutionary visual designs in e-commerce, yet need to be investigated.
4. Paradox of free: many SMEs, mainly web based businesses using the word “free” to invite people using their services. After going through all process, they will ask for a specific amount of money or special information from customer, or even some of them will ask for customers’ credit card but they mention there is no cost at all. This paradox changing subjective meaning of free in addition to destroying brand image in customers mind. I think this should be investigated.
5. Facebook is not free for brands anymore, they have changed the rules this year, I would like to investigate this effect on SMEs.
Why I think I am fit to the
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