The Importance Of Eagle Scout In My Life

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Since sixth grade, the Boy Scouts of America, specifically Troop 39 in Burlington, has played a large role in my personal development and growth. I started at the bottom of the totem pole, and worked my way to the top through years of hard work and dedication to finally reach my childhood goal of being an Eagle Scout. This journey through scouting, and my achieving in attaining this rank, also represents my transition in my life from childhood to adulthood, within both my family and community. As I grew as a scout, I also grew as a person; and although my being an Eagle Scout marked an end to my scouting career, it also marked the beginning to my life as an adult. As an Eagle Scout, I 've learned many skills that proved to be useful in scouting, but also in life as well. Such skills are applicable to real life in many ways, such as problem solving between friends or using medical knowledge to assist someone in need. Some of these skills involved training in responsibility and leadership, as well as training in safety and service. I have learned and developed different strengths, as I 've mentioned, through scout related activities, such as a weekend camp and summer camp, that require cooperating with others while gaining experience in the outdoors. I…show more content…
The ceremony marked an end to one journey, and represented the opportunities ahead of me as a young adult. The Boy Scouts of America instilled values and skills that greatly helped me reach my longtime goal of being an Eagle Scout, but also equipped me to persevere when faced with obstacles. I have come a long way since starting my journey in scouting, and have accomplished many of my goals as a teenager, and will be utilizing strategies learned through scouting to accomplish my future goal of earning a college

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