Early Education Narrative Report

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Your children’s early education is a course to molding and honing their personality and abilities. Each time they encounter new environment, experience, learning, or behavior, it becomes an investment to their individuality. Exposing them in a setting where they can grow and develop holistically will guide them to a rewarding future.

TomorrowLand Academy continues to arise a new learning experience for children. As the world develops at a fast pace, we make it our aspiration to integrate enriching educational practices with an innovative approach in teaching. This allows our students to become well-prepared as they take on a lifelong journey.

Programs We Offer

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The philosophy of the program encompasses the goal of meeting the needs of the well-rounded child.

Our Educators
To truly live our purpose and philosophy, we gathered highly trained and qualified teachers who implore excellence in their field. That is why we have carefully handpicked them and performed a series of background checks and interviews.

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Here at TomorrowLand Academy, we offer a range of services for children ages 2-6 years old. We have purposefully designed our curriculum to meet the developmental needs of the students so they become well-prepared as they take a step higher in their education level.
Combining academics and play, we help them discover, explore, and learn to their fullest potential.

Here are the programs we offer: (please link each programs to their pages)

Bilingual Curriculum: Immersion Chinese and English

Are you interested in enrolling your child in one of our programs? You can contact us at
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Enroll your child in our Kindergarten program, call us at 626-401-2489.

Bilingual Curriculum: Immersion Chinese and English
Our Bilingual Curriculum features the Chinese and English language which is lead by our foreign language educators. This curriculum nurtures the interest of the students in the Chinese language. It also stimulates their language skills and develops critical thinking which can become an advantage in their lifelong learning.

In this curriculum, children will be taught to learn basic Chinese vocabulary such as numbers, colors, parts of the body, etc. They will naturally acquire the Chinese language through age-appropriate lessons and activities.

The program accommodates the following learning areas:

Gross and Motor Skills
Music and Movement
Arts and Craft
And more.

To enroll your child in one of our programs, please contact us at 626-401-2489.

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