The Importance Of Early Childhood Environment

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Being sick is part of childhood, and caring for a sick child is part of being a parent/caregiver. This encourages the parent/caregiver to enforce a healthy safe environment to properly nurture well or ailing child. Keeping children safe involves education, supervision and the environment, with the environment being the most crucial (Henricks, 2008).
An early childhood care and education centre focal priority is the well-being of each child. Persons in the field of caring for infants/toddlers ought to adhere to his/her country’s guideline in preventing all or some of the diseases that are commonly known in the early childhood environment to secure a child’s welfare. In delivering a safe environment aimed towards the education aspect, all of the inclusive children will feel a sense of security, peace and even joy within a welcoming surrounding. More so, this healthy, safe and nurturing environment develops the child’s developmental domains which are the physical, social and emotional, cognitive and language, and moral and spiritual development. Through this, Jim Greenman (1988) quote is achieved which highlights what an early childhood environment should be which are rich in experience, in play, in teaching, with people, significant to children and places children called their own.
Further research illustrated how a child care provider ought to use some sort of check list to prevent any mishaps within and out of the centre’s environment with the aid of proper supervision.
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