The Importance Of Eating Breakfast

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Eating breakfast has become a habit many people have started to skip. Contrary to popular belief, skipping breakfast does not help lose weight. Forty-one percent of women reported they stopped eating breakfast in order to lose weight. Eating breakfast everyday provides people with a healthier and well balanced body. Many children do not get the option to eat a healthy breakfast every morning. Many parents do not have enough money to buy breakfast for their kids. Parents have been known to go out and buy their children sweets such as; pop tarts, donuts, sugary cereal, and many other items. Parents end up buying breakfast items like these because they are cheaper and easy to make in the morning. A child who eats an unhealthy breakfast, or do not eat a breakfast at all have a harder time in school. Terry Pivik, an investigatory of how the brain works conducted a research on how children’s brains work from children who did…show more content…
different categories for people who do or do not eat breakfast. The Skippers, meat and eggs, fats and sweets, cooked cereal, are just a few different categories. “breakfast skipping may lead to imbalanced eating later in the day.” When people skip breakfast this can affect their eating for the rest of the day. Many people who do not eat breakfast do not eat a healthy lunch or dinner. (Cereal, p.1) At a young age many parents put their children on a diet to unsure when they get older they will live a healthier life. “88 percent of children ages 6 to 18 have a diet that is poor or needs improvement; only 12 percent have a good diet.” Mark Lino has done a study that observes different diets that children go on. Most of the diet consist of eating less for breakfast, and eating smaller portions. A healthy diet consists of eating a full healthy breakfast every morning. If you do not eat breakfast in the morning you will then eat more at lunch, which causes you to gain more weight.

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