The Importance Of Eating Cheez In High School

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On November 14, I lost the entire school having the privileges to eating Cheez-its. There was a letter that read: “Thanks to a student acting immature, the cafeteria has banned cheez-its for good.” One day, I thought it would be an awesome idea to launch Cheez-its across the room. I was dared by one of my friends to throw a Cheez-it at our new principal. She was an old geezer with a nasty mole on her cheek. She had gotten onto my crew earlier in the day. I thought to myself she deserved some payback. “1,2,3….LAUNCH!” said the leader of our crew. As we heard the cue, we all pulled back our spoons full of cheez-its and let go. It was raining orange squares everywhere. Unfortunately the principal was burping with her mouth open. At that

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