Mississippi Situation Analysis

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Mississippi is one of the best places to visit, especially if you are a fan of “soul food.” Mississippi is arguably home to some of the country’s best food, and, especially to non- southerners. Mississippi also have some of the country’s most unusual food. Southerners definitely enjoy their traditional fried chicken, fried steak, fried onions, fried green tomatoes, and many more fried foods. Even when there is not fried food, there’s gravy to smother your food. If visitors were to visit Moorhead, Mississippi, home of the best buttery grits and fried chicken served at the local Double Quick every morning, they would fall in love. Don’t like grits or fried chicken? Go by Discount food market and have a deep fried slug burger, which is made up …show more content…

By race, African Americans lead the state in obesity with 42.9%, Caucasians coming at second place with 30.7%, and Latinos in third with 28.2%. (Johnson 2014) Mississippians have dietary preferences born from cultural influences and necessity. Mississippi is known to fry every type of meat there is, including veggies, and even dessert. There, you can have a fried pig ear slapped between two soft buns and call it the pig ear sandwich. Why have okras steamed or boiled when you can have them fried in Mississippi? Black-eyed peas and fried chicken followed with fried ice cream or a fried Twinkie would be a nice meal for a southern African American. These foods are a part of Mississippi’s …show more content…

If you have a habit of eating big sloppy burger, then you will look like a big sloppy burger. For example, people in Mississippi choose to eat fried chicken instead of nutritious vegetables. According to Mississippi’s high number of obesity, the choice of fried chicken explains why people are what they eat. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent obesity and it is simple; stay away from deep fried, gravy smothered, and artificial flavored foods. The most important aspect of weight loss is dieting. Although exercise is important for weight loss, you diet actually has a larger

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