The Importance Of Eating Habits In Turlock High School

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Schools Need to be Fresher Turlock High School serves as a perfect example of how many public high schools have become oriented around the consumption of junk foods. Most students at Turlock High eat poorly, especially at school. Common lunches at Turlock High include pizza, chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, hamburgers, and other heavily processed items. On top of these poor options to be consumed on a daily basis, the fruits and vegetables provided are noticeably not fresh, and due to this many students completely avoid eating them. 60% of students surveyed from the school said they ate worse at school than they did at home, and another 55% said they did not eat school vegetables. Overall, the situation which is defining the diet of high school students right now is not one which should be allowed by the school board.…show more content…
Firstly, the school does offer some more fresh and healthy options to feed the students. These fresh options are often a favorite among students, and as such many people go to the areas which provide these choices first at lunch. This popularity causes problems though, as there are few places to get these foods from. For instance, there is only one area to get fresh sandwiches and only one to get fresh Mexican food. Even with these positives, the school still gives kids free chips with their sandwiches. Overall, there are definitely some aspects of school lunches which should not have to be changed, but general reform of school lunches for the health of the students is absolutely

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