The Importance Of Ecofriendly Essay

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Living in a green community in Dubai (Project One) Investigate: Problem and Solution Statement of inquiry: A lack of education and consideration for the environment can have a significant impact on the health of the community, wildlife and the planet. Global Context: Globalization and sustainability In today’s world products can hardly be called ecofriendly. We use many different resources, not realizing the harm they can do to us. The lack of ecofriendly products can be harmful to the world around us. We are not living in an ‘eco-friendly’ state. Most of the products we use have many toxic elements in them which harm the environment and the habitat leading to unclean air which may be unsuitable for our health and may cause diseases. The products that we use made out of glass and plastic are not recycled and then dumped creating huge landfills changing the environment of the whole area around it. This is a problem which affects every living thing in this world, the…show more content…
1 The reason to why I will be researching this first is that the people are not aware of the damage they are doing to the environment. This is mainly because; many people do not have the required knowledge or the sufficient knowledge of how to live greenly and having a sustainable habitat around them. For this I will be collecting information through the many educational websites on the internet. Why do we need a green community? 1 I think this is also a very important question as some educated people even though possess the knowledge towards the topic(green community), they generally tend to ignore it because they don’t understand its importance and how it will affect the world if some action towards it is not taken For this I will be using primary research and secondary research. I will conduct a survey asking people about green communities and why exactly do we need them, hence also spreading awareness. I will also refer to the internet as a backup information

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