The Importance Of Ecosystem Ecology

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Apart from purely theoretical sciences, the science and engineering world is largely an empirical one. Many of the physical formulas used today have not been independently proven by mathematical arguments but are extrapolated from data collection and analysis.
In the same way, Ecology relies heavily on observation of the environment in order to extrapolate useful predic- tions about the way in which the natural world is changing, and how fast. Studies are conducted by ecologists to better understand natural phenomenons. Mathematical models based on experiments and data collection, are used to make predictions about the future of our planet. This allows us to see what actions should be taken now as a precaution to mitigate and
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Ecosystem ecology, for example, studies the different biotic and abiotic life forms interacting within a community. The changing environment has an effect on the organisms that live in certain areas [1]. This in turn effects natural services that can be provided by the environment. Understanding the extent of these changes may for instance, allow predictions on how long safe drinkable water will be available; or how fast arable land is becoming sapped of its nutrients. Reliable data collection and statistical analysis is imperative to arriving at feasible predictions. Another sub-category would be disease ecology. Through the study of pathogens and their impact on populations, the most dangerous pathogens and geographical areas they are likely to be contracted in, can be determined. Having large amounts of accurate data on the effects and whereabouts of dangerous pathogens can save many lives [2].
However statistical methods are most prevalent in the field of population ecology where huge amounts of data are often analysed. The following essay will report on how statistical methods of data collection and analysis are vital in understanding the cause and extent of population
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Wildlife pop- ulations are studied as well. In order to see how the environment and environmental changes effect wildlife population, ecologists study (among many other things) species
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