The Importance Of Education And Development In The Workplace

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In a world wherein business profits is important more than anything else, employers should be reminded that profits are gained due to the knowledge, skills and expertise of its workforce. Without their effort to create ideas, products etcetera, companies will not prosper. Because of these reasons, further education and development is significant not only to the employees but to the company as well. A. Further Education provides opportunity especially to existing employees. An employee who has further education and professional development will be able to perform his/her job more effectively. That person will be mindful of correct procedures for basic and advanced tasks(“The Importance Of Training & Development in the Workplace”). In specsavers even the Optical assistant are given the responsibility in taking the correct measurement of the glasses of their customers. Since, they have undergone professional development given by the company; they are now ready to perform such responsibility. Because of this, their confidence grows stronger especially in understanding the company and the responsibilities of their job. It will motivate the employee to do the best in his/her work performance and think of new ideas to excel professionally. Further education and professional development makes the employees on the cutting edge of developments in the eye-wear industry. Employees who are undeniably competent and are open to company changes helps the company have a name and

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