The Importance Of Education As A Teacher

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As the world keeps changing, education is also changing over time. Therefore, as a teacher, it is important to educate myself. There are many ways to educate ourselves, I can learn from my students, other teachers’ experiences, school’s training, or other development programs from different organizations. Students are always the one who can inspire us. However, teachers always mistakenly think they are the teacher but forget they can also be the learners. Always be humble and ask questions and learn from the other experienced teachers is also a good way to exchange information. Especially for technology, there are many more new technologies entering into the education field. Teachers cannot use the same teaching ways over and over, but to educate themselves to improve their teaching. Also, new knowledge is coming out every day. Something that was known as truth 10 years ago might proof as false in nowadays. Teacher cannot stop educating themselves, because they are the one who deliver the knowledge to students. In order to deliver the latest and most accurate knowledge to students, teacher has to keep learning. Teaching:
Teacher has to use various ways for teaching and always show the run down for the class. In Hong Kong, teachers are always the one who do all the talking, and students have to sit and listen to teachers all the time. However, students are not robots. It is hard for them to sit for the whole day for just listening. Therefore, it is important to
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