The Importance Of Education During The Renaissance

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After the Medieval Era in Europe, Europeans began to adopt a fresh way of thought which helped propel Italy and other European countries into the Renaissance. After the Black Death swept across Europe people began to stray away from the church. Countless people were upset that the Church could not stop the Black Death from spreading and killing almost two-thirds of Europe 's population. Thus, people began to adopt a new way of thought which lead to the revival of classic Greco-Roman work and the study of humans and their accomplishments rather than focusing on religious figures. Europeans began to change their way of thinking after the Medieval Era by focusing on the importance of education, creating a secular society rather than a religious one and reviving the arts of classical civilizations and focused on the accomplishments of humans.…show more content…
Men and women began to study the classical works of art of classical civilizations. Moreover, gender roles became weaker as some women became scholars and authors. For example, Christine de Pizan became a female author of two books and wrote about women’s education and the reason why women should be educated. In her book, The Book of the City of Ladies, she writes that men who think that women should not be educated are wrong and that not all of the men 's opinions are logical and supported by sense. However, during the Medieval Era, women took care of household duties and did not leave the house frequently. Women raised kids while the men went to work. This shows that education assisted women to develop a voice in society unlike in Medieval times when they didn’t have one. Similarly, in an excerpt
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