The Importance Of Education: Everyone Should Be Educated?

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Everyone should be educated. Education is a vital tool that can implement one’s success and development, just like the quote from Malcolm Forbes, the publisher of Forbes magazine, “Education 's purpose is to replace an empty mind with an open one”. But sometimes, the place that we expect to obtain knowledge and opportunity, school or other educational business places can be the least productive place to study. Education is very important and everybody needs it and it does not always mean that everyone should attend school. Schooling is a remnant system established decades ago for 18 century people. School, indeed, is a place that provides knowledge, friends and opportunity to pursue students’ strength, as a concept accepted by majority of people, but the word study does not always belong to school. Education should be obtained from the limited knowledge which should not be in school. Even tough, the terms of having an education from school is vastly accepted, but in some aspects, being educated can be done by other alternative ways. School is a place to study and obtain knowledge, it is true; however, it can hinder the effectiveness of education.
The first negative influence that school has done to many students is the way it teaches. The practice of memorizing lectures and information from textbooks is not the most effective way of studying. When students are young, they attend to elementary school and learn fundamental subjects such as basic reading, writing, mathematics,
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