The Importance Of Education

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CHAPTER - I INTRODUCTION Aristotle felt that the purpose of education is to create a sound mind in a sound body. Great educators in the past have explained the term “Education” as the art of “leading out” which means education is to draw out rather than to put in the whole of education. It is an intellectual, moral and physical activity aimed at leading out the innate knowledge, virtues and powers of the child, making the potential actual. It is a growth from within. Education is the way to transform a beast into a human being. It is the road to create consciousness among individuals and communities and a society at large. Education helps to civilize human beings. This would help the individual to have an understanding about the environment he/she lives much more clearly. Education is the process of skill formation. It helps the students to get acquainted to a range of subjects such as language, history, philosophy, science and arithmetic etc. the skills acquired in this way are helpful to understand the outside world and they may also help us to cognitize the experiences from the world. The way education is imparted to a student is very important. The whole process of education is crucial for a society as it plays a key role in determining the course of its development. Education is seen as an essential aspect to achieve social mobility. Education must be given due importance as it acts as the foundation stone for creating a healthy and prosperous society. The level of
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