The Importance Of Education

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In order for kids in school to focus and succeed in school students need to understand why education is important and teachers understand why their students are misbehaving. In Ancient Egypt only rich families could afford schooling. Students need to understand that having the right mindset about things is the way to go even if you are not satisfied. In Ancient Egypt the problem was that almost all households could not afford to put their sons in school. Instead of school they would home school their kids. Some issues were that the parents were not educated enough to teach their kids at home. Kids did not get a full education because some did not have enough money to get school materials and supplies. Education is important because you need to get a career to succeed in school. Later on in Ancient Greece kids were taught in different ways because they were divided into polis’. Students need to know that learning in different environments and methods is ok. In Ancient Greece there we different city states and in each city state they taught differently. In Sparta they taught boys at the age of 7 to fight. In other city states like the Athens the boys were taught the Greek Gods, how to play instruments,poetry,math,science, and public speaking. Their views of education were completely different. Some issues were that students had different learning types and it was hard for them to understand assignments. Students were also taught in different ways, in Sparta boys were
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