The Importance Of Education For Children

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Parents play a great role to make sure children are getting the best education. One of the best approaches that can be practise by parents is by using Montessori approach in home. There are certain principles included in the brainy Montessori approach that is very effective in learning process of our children (Isaacs, 2015)
Brainy Montessori is a theory found by Maria Montessori. She believed that education for the early stages is the most important and formative. She also said that education in the early stages is not only important for the physical of the children, but also for the psychological aspect. It is believe that, the proper learning method in the early stages of ages for children from birth to six year will determine what kind of person the children become in future. Then, the reason why early education for children is the most important is because the mental development of children in early ages is very fast (Hainstock, 1968)
Hainstock also added that, the main concern of brainy Montessori was the understanding of capabilities and abilities of the children. It is very important as the understanding of capabilities and abilities of children will help parents using the best and right ways in teaching the children.
Ozerem & Kavaz (2013) explained that, Brainy Montessori actually consists of certain approaches such as mixed of children with different ages, particular things could be learn effectively, good communication, providing materials and good environment,
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