The Importance Of Education For Children With Disabilities

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Unfortunately, the world witnesses an increase in the numbers of children with disability (Dandashi, Alja’am, & Saleh, 2013). In the present time over a billion people (or about 15% of the world 's population) are living with disabilities, and of course children are among those people (Valley, 2014). Consequently, disability affects the society due to the fact that the families of the disabled are part of their life and they have to interact with them (Lee, Choi, Song, & Shin, 2014). The global Education For All(EFA)the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities have realized the importance of education for people with disability, further they encouraged an approach to educate them (Lehtomäki, Tuomi, & Matonya, 2014). The Portuguese Child Support Institute asserts that children can develop their abilities by playing which includes evolving attention skills, strengthen the memory, advancing and expanding imitation and imagination. In other word, playing is an essential part of learning. Without playing, learning can be abusive and cruel. There was a mistaken believe that children with disabilities are incapable to play. The fact is that those children are able to play but not like normal children, they only interact and participate in a different way. Thus, their games are not as complicated as the games of normal children (Proença, Quaresma, & Vieira, 2014). In this prospect, people with
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