The Importance Of Education In Chemistry

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Education is a key factor in acquiring the occupation of a chemist. This education is extensive and starts very early. To become a chemistry major in college, high school classes required include chemistry, Physics, Computer science, algebra, geometry, calculus, and English ( Majors in college are classes one takes in order to gain extra knowledge about a subject. If one has much knowledge about a subject, they are more likely to succeed, thus being why one shall take these high school courses in advance. After the high school studies, one will have to receive a minimum of a bachelor’s degree to become a chemist ( According to Bradley L. Pentelute, becoming great at chemistry requires great work, and the more experience you receive, the more likely you will be to achieve your goal. The chemistry field is declining rapidly, at only a future job outlook of 6% ( The employer seeks a highly experienced, well deserving applicant for a job, so one with a master’s degree is more likely to become a chemist than one with only a bachelor’s degree. Education can be a key factor in deciding whether one achieves being a chemist or not. In chemistry, there are specific work habits, environments, and tasks throughout its field. Chemists have extensive work hours which may alter ones daily life style ( One should consider this fact before applying so the applicant will be content with his or her career choice. These hard workers, also

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