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The college skills help someone make at least $20,000 more dollars (Executive Summary). College has many different opportunities. In college that have different courses for every different major that someone might want to be in. If you decided to go further on with school, no matter what it is can help a person accomplish more skills for better business quality. Someone can have countless ways to make more money by having more education from college. Therefore are endless different ways colleges can help anyone to have a better and easier life, by making more money in your specific profession. College isn 't just about learning it 's about the experience you get when meeting new people and having to learn how to greet yourself.
If a person needs help paying for college, they have ways to do that so you can continue on with your education. One might have to pay back the money borrowed, but several college students would argue
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You can still get paid a big amount of money without going to college (Executive Summary). People that go to college and further their knowledge make 83% further than people who don 't go to college and are limited with knowledge (Even for Cashiers). People that want higher knowledge or to have a job that makes a certain amount of money normally go to college. If you have more knowledge than the people that don 't go to college, then you are more likely to make even more money by getting a higher paying job with the skills you have (The Value of Education). If a job needs someone they are going to take a person that has experience. People who go to college normally make $20,000 more dollars (Executive Summary). If someone wants to be higher up when it comes to money go to college and get a higher paying job. If someone goes to college and puts in the hard work they will get a job that they know how to do and it will help them make more

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