The Importance Of Education In Education

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Family Life Children from working class backgrounds experience deprivation more than the higher classes; this can be linked to material deprivation. Lower income in a family means that there the children is less likely to have the same resources as the middle class counterparts. When a child experiences material deprivation it can have a huge impact on their educational experience. There is a lack of any resources not just books and IT but areas to study in the home and healthy foods. (Gibbons, 1989) Through not fault of there own, often, families with a lower socioeconomic status can struggle to provide educational support for their children. It is difficult for parents to create a learning environment at home with limited time and or financial resources. (Drudy, 2009) Parents have a huge influence on their children’s education; According to Ball et all (1994) middle class parents have more choice when it comes to choosing their children’s school. They have the economical capital which parents from working class backgrounds do not. According to Tovey and Share, (1999) parents of working class students have themselves often dropped out of school early and do not put the same value on education as the middle class parents. There are several government programmes which can help parents to further their education such VEC Adult Literacy Scheme and Vocational Training and Opportunities Scheme. These types of programmes can help parents have better relationships and
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