The Importance Of Education In Education

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Dr. Michio Kaku famously stated: “the United States has the worst educational system known to science.” Were it solely up to U.S. graduates, the scientific establishment and tech economy would collapse, he says, “forget about Google, forget about Silicon Valley. There would be no Silicon Valley.” Instead, U.S. science and tech thrive because of immigrants who come on H-1B visas, “America’s secret weapon… the genius visa.” If it wasn’t for immigrants, the United States of America wouldn’t be preforming financially as well as it would otherwise. Instead of using our “Genius vise” we need to increase the genius rate born and raised here in the states! Currently we are being out performed in every field of education and the sciences. Our children are leaving school without the proper skills and knowledge needed to be successful productive citizens. Graduation rates are low, grades are dismal, and our students are not transiting into high paying fields. Many of our young are being under feed nutritional meals leading to lower brain growth. Many more of our young are not receiving the support that is needed in their time of growth, leading to poor self-management. Why do you send your children to school and what is it that want for them? These are questions that every loving parent should ask themselves and then become a positive input in the development of a new system. We need a major change to how we teach our children. There are many changes that need to be addressed and

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