The Importance Of Education In Enrique's Journey

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Sonia Nazario mentions in her book Enriques's Journey page xxiv "Children go to school in threadbare uniforms, often unable to afford pencil or paper or buy a decent lunch." In this quote, she tries to acquaint the reader some of the issues that Latin American people face in their countries like lack of money and hunger. Accumulated to those subjects, I would like to add the job shortage and politic problems. Some of these situations are the cause of increased poverty in Latin American countries. However, the principal problem for the Latin American population is the lack of education. Education is the basic reason of the problems in Latin America. The first cause of low attendance to school for Latin America children is hunger. Indeed, most of the children from Latin America drop school after a few years because they need to help with the economy at home. Some children stay at home to take care of the…show more content…
In the United States, jobs for unskilled workers are better paid than in Latin America; for instance, immigrants believe that they would help their relatives in the homeland. Moreover, their children would have the possibility to have a better education. Despite all their efforts, sometimes that is not possible. For this reason, families are weakened, and children have to drop school. It makes me angry because this situation is part of my life and my people. While countries like the United States squanders millions of dollars in wars and military programs, other poor countries like Honduras, Nicaragua, and more struggles resolving problems like hunger and education. Whichever reason that immigrants have to move from their country, we have to support them. Most of the immigrants come to the United States searching a better future and a chance to

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