Essay On Dishwashers

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So many people think that all the kids know how to work a dishwasher, fix up a car, how to change your oil, to make a meal, do laundry, or even write a check. Most kids these days don't even know how to start a washer or what a dish washer is either. It should not be like this. What happens when high schoolers go to college their first year? They don't know how to do anything and they always have to ask a friend or ask their parents how to do any of these things. Us as human beings are just very busy these days with sports, work, school, and some people don't have the time to just sit down and teach their kids these things. People say that “oh their parents teach them all this stuff” but not everyone has a parent they can count on. There…show more content…
Now some schools have this class, but most of them don't. Usually after school and everything, kids go home and their parents are making the food so they don't have to worry about it or they go out to eat. A lot of kids, when they go to college, spend most of their money on food because they go out and buy pizza or frozen pizza or anything and don't know how to save or do anything. If you go on a date they could easily save money by making their spouse a meal instead of going out to eat and spend more money than they should. The class could also teach how to make gourmet dishes with not spending as much. They could teach how to use coupons or discounts or deals when going to buy food. These are all things that should be taught in with the life skills class (Why life skills should be taught in school).
Another skill that kids should learn is housework, for example how to repair things in your house. How to wire things, to fix dry walls, to repaint a place, how to install carpet or even to put in wood flooring. They can also learn a wordworks class to make tables, chairs, and desk insted of spending money to buy new ones for their dorms. Theses are all things that could be taught in life skill classes. (Why life skills should be taught in
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