The Importance Of Education In India

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In modern age, five energizers of human resources development have been identified. They are education, health and nutrition, environment, employment and political and economic freedom. These energizers are interlinked and interdependent but education is the key for the rest. Education in all its forms is a vital component for the development of human resources. Education is as a social institution creates its own identity in the process of capital formation as the major sources of knowledge economy, efficient labour force, skill IT professionals, social scientist and stakeholder of development process. Thus, education is the backbone of economic and social development as it is essential for both managerial aspect (optimum utilization of resources) as well as behavioural (obey the duty and own your responsibilities) aspect.
India is facing many challenges like poverty, exclusion, inequalities, malnutrition, unemployment, environmental degradation, rampant corruption, gender inequality etc. – at this juncture. It has to decide which way to go? How do we bring order to our society? and How the peoples’ lot can be improved upon and poverty and unemployment removed for achieving growth and development? With this background, the following objectives are formed to study the energizing engine of education and economic development in India.
(i) To study the importance of energizing engine of education in India through literature review
(ii) To highlight the growth
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