Personal Narrative: A Great Influence In My Life

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Since the day I was born, my parents knew I was a thinker. With my first breaths of life, I silently observed the room with a meticulous eye, not letting out signal shriek. Growing up, I was incredibly passionate for math and science. Often, I added the numbers in my soup, counted the clouds in the sky, and bombarded adults with numerous questions about the Earth and the universe. School was a great influence in my life, and I couldn't spend a single moment not reflecting on my future. But, if it was one thing my skills for math and science didn’t prepare me for, it was communicating.
Truthfully, I wasn’t an awkward person. In fact, I took enjoyment from helping others. However, it was very difficult to communicate my opinions to others and maintain eye contact. It was as if, I spent most of my childhood following other people like a puppet bounded by strings and chains of command. In addition to that, I was bullied constantly in my younger years by my peers and even myself. Spanish was my first language and my difficulty speaking English added to the mockery I received in school. Entering middle-school, I lost my motivation to do well in school. I can only recall my experiences in middle-school crying and alone in the shadows. The desolate areas I
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Although, I feel gratitude for having gone through this woeful era of devastation because it ignited the passion that was once burnt out. This experience showed me that life was a learning process. No matter how many times I stumble, trip, and collapse, there is still light at the end of the tunnel. If life was just a liner path with no turbulence, life would be utterly boring. Reaching my last year of middle-school and first years of high-school, the dormant potential I had initially locked up was

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