Education In Oman Essay

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Omani government succeeded in establishing a good education system in Oman. From the beginning of the renaissance, his majesty emphasize the importance of education as a key to success in development of Oman and he said, "Without education, people cannot distinguish good from evil, cannot care of themselves" . That is mean the education play a major role in order to achieve the development in Oman. Because I think the education is the reason for appearing, progress and greatness, and this is not at the individual level only; it is at the state level also. The state that keeps its educational system is a state that good in all areas and at all levels, whether social, cultural, economic, or military and in all other areas, which is why education…show more content…
Then, in 1972, the number of schools increasing to 45 additional schools with 15000 pupils . This was the most difficult challenges for His Majesty because the Omani teachers were not sufficient qualified and the teachers at those schools come from other Arab countries like Egypt. Year after year, the country lists a significant achievements; new schools, students enrolled and teachers hired. Moreover, according to the Goldsmith ' book (Oman 's Government and Politics), Literacy programs and the establishment of schools are the most important step towards reforming the country’s political system because without education all attempts at liberalization would degenerate into anarchy . Thus, schools and centers for adult were created throughout the country and the classes sometimes held under the shade of a tree with no textbook. In addition, the schools made from the palm trees like the school of Abd Al-Jalandi, which established in 1970. The Adult literacy programs has a high priority in the development plans. There were above 11000 people attended classes at 294 adult education centers around the
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