The Importance Of Education In Oman

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Omani government succeeded in establishing a good education system in Oman. From the beginning of the renaissance, his majesty emphasize the importance of education as a key to success in development of Oman and he said, "Without education, people cannot distinguish good from evil, cannot care of themselves" . That is mean the education play a major role in order to achieve the development in Oman. Because I think the education is the reason for appearing, progress and greatness, and this is not at the individual level only; it is at the state level also. The state that keeps its educational system is a state that good in all areas and at all levels, whether social, cultural, economic, or military and in all other areas, which is why education is essential for any country. Moreover, at the beginning of the renaissance in Oman, his majesty underline the importance of education with the phrase that is often repeated, "Provide education opportunities even under the shadow of trees" . Thus, the education system in Oman goes through many steps from the renaissance until now. In fact that in 1970 there were only three official schools with more than 900 students. The former sultan Timor Bin Said chose these schools for boys only and a few number of girls. In addition, there was a religious institute with an enrollment of about 50 boys . Therefore, we note that the education is limited to young people only. I think due to the culture; our ancestors refused the women to leave their
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