The Importance Of Education In Portugal

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Education is something that everyone needs to have, and nothing should stop a person from having the essential education. With education you can see the world differently, because when you learn what education is, you learn to have knowledge, to have ideas and to know how the world is in itself. A person who does not learn what education is likely to get lost in life and not even know why he was born. The main place to have education is in school or college, but you can also learn at home, on the street or even in prison. An example is: People are fiercely (nowadays are the elderly) most of them failed to have education in school because of their livelihood and had to learn at home right now they do not have a job but they know how life works. Aim:…show more content…
Compulsory education in Portugal When children reach age four, they are able to attend preschool. However, compulsory education comprises the basic and the secondary, the first is organized in three different cycles: • 1st cycle (1st to 4th year of schooling); • 2nd cycle (5th and 6th years of schooling); • 3rd cycle (7 to 9 years of schooling). Secondary education in Portugal Already the secondary lasts three years and is organized in only one cycle (10th, 11th and 12th years of schooling). It is important to emphasize that in secondary education students can attend courses oriented towards working life or to pursue their studies. In Portugal compulsory schooling is 12 years old and starts when the child is six years old. Public Schools and Private

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