The Importance Of UNICEF

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Seeking to provide and promote life standard education for all, especially for the ones who suffer from major conflicts such as poverty, civil wars, cultural barriers, discrimination, erroneous or inadequate systems,

Deeply concerned with the fact that regarding to the researches of UNICEF, there are currently estimated 58 million primary school-age children who are not in school and a full 43% will probably never enter school,

Bearing in mind that despite the attendance of 50 million additional children had enrolled in primary schools, 130 million of them, worldwide, do not have the basic and essential educational background such as literacy or counting even though they had minimum of four years in primary schools,

Congratulates Asian countries,
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Important goods for class education such as notebooks, pencils, boards, projectors and other technologically equipped materials, III. Teachers, which will be chosen by ELP, IV. Water, sanitation and hygiene e) Close the major gap between western nations and Asian countries with a long-term developing program;

2) Encourages the member states that can be considered as developed countries on education based on the 2014 Human Development Index and 2014 Global Education Index, to establish stronger cooperation between the less developed countries on education that will: a) Work with ‘Education For All’ Movement (EFA) as a support, b) Be held under the guidance of professionals on education from the aforementioned developed countries, c) Be funded by the IMF and the World Bank with, I. A common funding will be organized by the developed countries to provide the technological needs, II. An advertisement campaign, a worldwide funding from the individuals can be also accepted, d) Also provide more new education programs and also student transfer programs for the students to, I. Have better life conditions if their country suffers from major conflict such as civil war, II. Also establish or empower the student transfer programs

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