Lack Of Language

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For decades, it has been a disagreement in the public education system on how teachers have to challenge themselves with the new comer that do not know or is proficient with the English language. However, as those teachers are concerned about the education of their students, even though, these teachers recognize that the English language learner are smart students. Yet, there is only one problem the student must meet and that is the lack of language. Thus, these students’ participation in the classroom are minimum, and more in the social studies where it is more competitive than the other subjects, as social studies require more reading and research skills. That’s why, it has become important problems for these teachers as they are trying…show more content…
In push-in programs, it’s consisted when the English teacher come to the classroom to help the learners in the English Language and even the teacher can teach them as a group in the won classroom. In fact, some schools can work differently than others. Where the differentiation for other schools is the classroom teacher, will be in charge of the special instructional needs of these students. In reality, these students only receive small pieces of the program for non-native speakers learning English. As well, for the rest of the school day they are doing other subjects, like math, science. The traditional perspective has changed because the teachers are focused on teaching to teach social studies, math or science and these effective tactics are designed to help these students to achieve their goals. But these teachers will require more to improve their educational methods and simplify or modify the way of newcomer acquire the English Language. As seen in the past, those instructions were inadequate and ineffective. As in the of ignoring of these students and expecting them to learn where they didn’t know the language. In addition, there was no consideration for these students in the past, they kept them in the classroom and the only thing they were able to offer was to work as a slave putting them to do classroom housekeeping chores or by coloring pictures, and for less worried but not educational productive methods. But the little anticipation and lack of consideration were all the practices that these students waited until they learned the language. Nevertheless, in actuality, teachers are more challenged because they must deal with the great amount of English language learners in the classrooms. But now they have better strategies that work for them, the teacher has the time to teach a
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