The Importance Of Education In Society

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In this age, the K-12 education system is merely a long-term extensive college preparation course. The changing demands of society, including rising competition and deviation from manufacturing labor to service-providing careers, can be attributed to the substantial focus on higher education. As education provides the opportunities for new generations to meet these new demands, society is beginning to improve on virtually every level, from to justice. This is because, in order to successfully alter a society, the society must formally encourage change at the individual level. Thus by advertising higher education to the masses, the future society will reap the benefits of the individual on a larger scale. Although an informal education can improve an individual, a formal education can improve a society. One might object here that learning is not limited to a formal context and thus advancements can be…show more content…
Education is the best method to tackle a myriad of issues in society, including prejudice. By instilling progressive ideas at the fundamental level of society, the public mind would be enriched with new perspectives and ideas (Newman 55). Of course, an individual must learn the past in order to understand the present and elect change. However, without further one 's education, a person may not have been exposed to other perspectives as history has been generally taught from the voice of the majority. Thus if women, minorities, and other disadvantaged groups are to achieve equity, all individual members of society must take account of their respective perspectives. That is, society is not liberated until everyone is liberated (Rich 75). A better sense of understanding would formulate an awareness to call out injustices such as tokenism in society. This practice of an outsider 's vision detects and can prevent both internal and external signs of prejudice that are embedded in different areas of society. In told, education is a step toward an equal
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