The Importance Of Education In South African Education

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Education is very important. For a lot of reasons, if you have education or are educated, it is proved that you are happier, because of having education you can make your own money, so you are independent. Not everyone in the world gets education. In this essay I will focus on South Africa. I chose South Africa because not everyone in South Africa gets education or proper education. Also, I will go there this may and do a social internship there. The social internship we are going to do, is also focused on education. My essay is based on the research question How important is it that everyone in South Africa gets access to education?

In my research paper I am going to discuss the causes and effects of not everyone in South Africa having education or proper education. Also I will discuss scenarios, and I will explain what we can do to help South Africa’s education system.

There are a lot of reasons why children in South Africa are not going to school. Disabilities, lack of money, child marriage, pregnancy, child labour or even because of family commitments. I will discuss only three of them; lack of money, child labour and disabilities I chose those three because I think those reasons are the most important ones. This is a chart of why children in South Africa don’t go to school in percentages.

Not enough money
In South Africa the cheapest way of education from grade R to grade 12 is 253,404 ZAR (South African money), so that is 1,785,991 euros. In
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