The Importance Of Education In The 21st Century

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So what are the 21st century attributes and qualities that a child needs. Of course there are the standards of reading writing and arithmetic. That 's like the air we breathe. Beyond those basics, 21st century learners need to learn how to think creatively, critically and collaboratively. They need to know how to problem-solve on many levels.
Once they leave school they have to become self-modifying, self-managing, self evaluating and self-directed. And so we have to pull back from constantly evaluating them to test making judgments about them and instead to get them to take on the skills of self-management.
Learners need to be actively engaged and empowered to develop their innate curiosity through inquiry. They need to be equipped with skills to master changing technologies and they need environmental financial, civic and global literacy. As teachers and parents we need to create learning environments which nurture creativity and inspire confidence. What does this kind of education look like?
Today is about creating your own country. I want to see how well you guys if you 're empowered can create your own country? Learning is a personal experience influenced by a balance of several key elements including empowerment. Empowered learners of all ages who actively participate in decision-making processes tend to be highly motivated and engaged.
So are we supposed to find out what kind of government we want the best day? What so what so what when you think about you 're

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