The Importance Of Education In The Classroom

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In the past years and for many decades, the schools system has offered one type of teaching model, which is education in classrooms. As time passes, the number of population worldwide increases and new models of teaching starts to appear. As environment changes, a new era of technology and internet begin to appears, therefore, education will not be limited anymore in classrooms. However; people from baby boomers and generation x would prefer the traditional education, in which is teaching would be limited in classrooms. Few centuries ago, a student would get education through traditional method of teaching in classrooms. Students would learn through listening and observing. However, nowadays technology impacted student’s education life in positive way. Education should not be limited classrooms; moreover, it should go beyond classrooms. Students spent many hours of their daily lives outside of the classrooms. Student’s education in not limited in school buildings anymore, as school hours finish students continue their days consuming education from many sources such as: parents in home, media, internet and newly advanced electronics. In our time, it’s rare that students learn and get information from their parents, however; some students still wants to learn and get wisdom from their parents and compare what have been taught in home to what have been taught outside. Whether they are aware of it or not, students get constant education every day. Technology changed our
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