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What the education system in DRC is the parents have to pay the school fees for their own children. The rate of schooling is 52% and the general illiteracy rate in 2004 was very high, which is 33.2% and the women illiteracy rate was even greater than that at 43.3%. The primary schooling has diminished due to the isolation of the regions, the limited number of parents paying the school fees, the lack of infrastructure and school materials and the poor quality of instruction. (Fall, 2007)

Over the last two years the government of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has increased the proportion of national budget from 6.5 percent to 13.8 percent, which is doubled and going to education. Such a greater shift in national priorities indicates
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The DRC was ranked the last in the 2011 Human development Index, which is the annual ranking of national achievement in health, education and income in 187 countries. Severely damaged by over 15 years of conflict that ended in 2008, the broader economic and social development that have been prevented by the threat of on-going violence and instability because the country faces all these threats. (Ackerman, Greubel and Winthrop,…show more content…
One teacher for 37 pupils in primary school, which is the national average but there can be over 100 pupils per class in marginalized or rural areas. There is another case of lacking of education materials, which is every two students have to share one textbook at the primary level. In December 2012 the Global Partnership for Education awarded $100 million to DRC to help access to primary education, to improve the quality of education through better learning materials, to strengthen teacher training, to improve management in the education sector. (Ackerman, Greubel and Winthrop,

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